. . . With affirmations, we begin to challenge the Inner Critical Parent. We learn to give ourselves a break. BRB pg.  329

Affirmations to be Repeated Each Day, BRB pg. 329

  1. It is okay to know who I am.
  2. It is okay to trust myself.
  3. It is okay to say I am an adult child.
  4. It is okay to know another way to live.
  5. It is okay to say no without feeling guilty.
  6. It is okay to give myself a break.
  7. It is okay to cry when I watch a movie or hear a song.
  8. My feelings are okay even if I am still learning how to distinguish them.
  9. It is okay to not take care of others when I think.
  10. It is okay to feel angry.
  11. It is okay to have fun and celebrate.
  12. It is okay to make mistakes and learn.
  13. It is okay to not know everything.
  14. It is okay to say, “I don’t know”.
  15. It is okay to ask someone to show me how to do things.
  16. It is okay to dream and have hope.
  17. It is okay to think about things differently than my family.
  18. It is okay to explore and say, “I like this or I like that”.
  19. It is okay to detach with love.
  20. It is okay to seek my own Higher Power.
  21. It is okay to reparent myself with thoughtfulness.
  22. It is okay to say, “I love myself”.
  23. It is okay to work an ACA program.

Affirmations for Your Inner Child, BRB pg. 328

  1. I love my Inner Child unconditionally.
  2. I will protect my Inner Child to the best of my ability.
  3. I will take time to listen to my Inner Child and to follow through on promises.
  4. I will integrate my Inner Child into my life through play, creativity, and spirituality.
  5. I will take time to become my own Loving Parent.

Affirmations for Sponsees (These can also apply to the Sponsor), BRB pg. 386

  1. I can ask for help without feeling like I am a burden.
  2. I am treating others with respect and expect others to treat me with respect.
  3. I can be equal in a relationship with another person.
  4. I am capable of selecting a healthy sponsor.
  5. I have willingness to do whatever it takes to recover.
  6. I am following the suggestions of my sponsor in my path of recovery.

Affirmations for Sponsors (These can also apply to the Sponsee), BRB pg. 386

  1. I have something to offer another person.
  2. I can help someone with what I have learned in recovery.
  3. I will share my experience instead of giving advice.
  4. I will avoid “fixing” others or rescuing others.
  5. I can help another ACA regardless of the type of abuse we experienced as children.
  6. I am more alike than I am different from another person.

 Excerpts from Fellowship text (BRB) ©Adult Children of Alcoholics®/World Service Organization. All rights reserved.